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Analysis of youth unemployment in Croatia and selected countries in period 2004 - 2015

Tea Miloš (2016)
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NaslovAnalysis of youth unemployment in Croatia and selected countries in period 2004 - 2015
AutorTea Miloš
Voditelj/MentorZoran Ježić (mentor)
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The main subject of this bachelor thesis is the youth unemployment state in Croatia and selected EU countries. Through collection and combination of various youth unemployment data we have reached the conclusion that the overall problem lies in the misbalance of workforce demand and supply, which is not only present in Croatia but in other EU countries as well, making this problem even more concerning since one of the main characteristic of EU as a world organization is unity and equality. First part of the paper is going to clarify the definition of youth unemployment and also what indicators are used for its analysis. After the theoretical part of the paper we are continuing to analysis of youth unemployment in Croatia and instrument used against it. In the second part of the paper we are going to be focusing on selected EU countries: Slovenia, Ireland, Spain, Greece, and Germany. Each country is individually analyzed with two different indicators (youth unemployment rate and ratio) which are also presented graphically. Reaching the end of the thesis we are discussing the consequences of youth unemployment regarding social, economic and political circumstances, after which we are going to more precisely elaborate the overall conclusion of this paper.
Ključne riječiEuropean Union Youth unemployment Youth unemployment rate Youth unemployment ratio Youth Guarantee Workforce misbalance
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